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"This is the second silent compressor I have purchased from Broadbent. Both machines exceeded my expectations in performance and quality."
- Paul Dawson - Owner

Broadbent Case Study

"Over the many years Sheen Group’s 23 panel beating workshops have been working with Broadbent, we have come to appreciate the commercial benefits of their products. This has been particularly following the installation of a new range of Broadbent rotary screw compressors and ancillary filtration equipment. Broadbent’s European-built rotary screw compressors have many benefits, including the minimisation of power usage and – combined with the latest purification system to ensure air quality to AS1715 – a reliable and clean air supply, necessary to the operation of pneumatic tools and the painting of vehicles. Sheen Group and Broadbent Compressor Services have formed a close working relationship over many years, during which time Broadbent have been consistently supplying high quality services at competitive rates – similar to the service that Sheen Group gives to their own customers. What both companies have in common is a reliance on high quality equipment, bolstered by the employment of qualified personnel delivering excellent day in, day out."

Testimonial by Sheen Group.

"All of Sheen Group’s 23 repair workshops throughout Melbourne use Broadbent Air Compressors, chosen for their value and quality. On a daily basis, Sheen Group strives to provide quality smash repairs for vehicles. To perform our repairs to the best possible standard, we rely on Broadbent compressors to ensure our workshops operate as systematically and efficiently as possible. We choose Broadbent for their compressor performance and reliability, which also comes with outstanding service and support.

The Broadbent Air Compressors supplied to Sheen Group have been invaluable in powering the many air tools used in our workshops. Our air-powered tools are used day in, day out throughout all of our panel shops. The majority of our tools – such as sanders, masks and spray guns – are powered through Broadbent compressors.

Broadbent Air Compressors are essential in the operation of Sheen’s 23 Smash Repair Workshops."