Direct Driven - Permanent Magnet Energy Series


THE PERMANENT MAGNET ENERGY Series offers high energy savings of up to 40% over standard controlled machines. Due to the installation of the permanent magnets motor, service life is extended and reliability is improved. The use of advanced technology in the design and research, together with thermodynamics and pneumomechanics has produced the permanent magnet energy range.

Direct driven variable speed rotary screw compressors with permanent magnets motor.

Suction electro fan.
Heavy duty encapsulated intake filter 2 micron.
Oversized air-oil radiator for low discharge temperatures.
Oil filter.
3 stage air oil separator minimising oil carry over, ensuring a clean oil free air supply.
High efficiency condensate separator.
Air intake valve.
German manufactured isometric air end.
Permanent magnets motor.
Robust base.

Permanent Magnets Motor

MAGNETIC ENERGY screw compressors feature a Permanent Magnets motor:

Electrical losses reduction thanks to the basis magnetic field formation.
Electrical losses reduction in power electronics
Constant motor torque in a wide range of rotation speed

The losses reduction produce an increase in the overall compression system efficiency, matched with a Variable Speed drive, results in the best possible performances in terms of energy consumptions and overall compressor life and reliability.

Variable Speed Drive

The purchasing cost of an air compressor represents on average a small percentage of the total cost of operating the compressor over its life time. The power required to the machine (kW/hr) is absolutely the highest cost during this time.

Compressed air is used in all industries, it can be very expensive if incorrectly operated. Measurements conducted on a typical application show how the air demand varies constantly during the daily or weekly cycles. A conventional on load/off load compressor uses large amounts of energy when not required compaired to a variable speed compressor fitted with permanent magnets motor.

The application of a frequency inverter offer many advantages:

regulation of the speed of the motor to match constantly the plant air demand
provides a constant air pressure selectable to any value between 6 and 10 bar (13 bar on demand)
soft start reduces current peaks and allows for additional energy savings
Air output constantly varying between 25% and 100% of the compressor total capacity.
Magnetic Energy

Energy Consumption Comparison - Permanent Magnet Energy 40% Saving

PERMANENT MAGNET ENERGY variable speed average 40% saving, Variable speed standard motor average 30% saving, Standard control stop/start no energy saving. Taking into account the initial higher capital exposure on a permanent magnet variable speed compressor and the energy saving of up to 40% over standard control compressor, initial payback on capital could be made within a very short period given the correct selection of permanent magnet compressor.


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