Aero Oil Free


The AERO Oil Free Series is a 100% oil free screw compressors designed to operate in industrial applications requiring no oil presence in their processes.

Pharmaceutical Industry
Food and Beverages Industry
Packaging, PET bottles
Chemical Industry
Medical and laboratory

The use of advanced technology in design and research, together with unrivalled experience in the fields of thermodynamics and pneumomechanics has produced the AERO Oil Free Series.

The AERO range is one of the most reliable oil free screw compressors available in the market.

Water-Oil cooler
Highly efficient condensate separator
Oil filter
Water-Air Intercooler
Water-Air Aftercooler

Two Stage Oil Free German Made Air End

The two stage OIL FREE air end installed to the AERO Oil Free Series is state of the art oil free technology.

The rotors are manufactured in CNC machining centres, and are coated with a special UltraCoat surface treatment guaranteeing extended operating time and resistance against wear and corrosion.

Anti friction bearings with over dimensioned support radial loads and axial thrusts with an inox steel sealing system on the compressed air chamber coupled with a contact free labyrinth seal on the bearings lubricant side, prevent any possible contamination of the compressed air from the bearings coolant.

Electric Motor

Heavy Duty Asynchronous electric motor European manufacturer, IP 55 protection factor and class F insulation.

Drive System

The air end is directly driven by the electric motor through a flexible drive coupling and gears, guaranteeing an extremely energy efficient drive system.

Water Cooled Version

The large heat exchanger with a high increased radiating surface designed to minimise pressure drops and to allow for the highest exchange coefficient, the air is cooled by means of a forced circulation of the water obtained by a high prevalence pump.

Air Cooled Version

The air cooled version features an aluminium air cooler, reducing load losses and allowing the high heat exchange coefficient, coupled with a thermostatically controlled IP 54, class F, cooling fan.

Drive System

The direct drive system extends operating life to the compressor and maximises the energy from the motor to the air end. The installation of a heavy duty coupling between the motor and air end extends the service life and guarantees drive efficiency of 99.9% maximising the kW of the electric motor ensuring lower operating costs.

Two Stage Air Filter

Air inlet is purified with a 2 stage air filter, a first stage given by centrifugation process and dust separation and then the cartridge purifying the inlet air up to 99.6% at 2 micron against dust particles passage.

EPS6 Microprocessor

An advanced technology controller provides the highest compressor regulations flexibility.

Display of operating conditions of the main compressor's components
Modification of the programmed working conditions
Automatic choice of the on-off or proportional operating time of the compressor, according to the operating conditions, thus reducing energy costs
Control of the ordinary maintenance program, according to the actual environmental and working conditions, thus making the service safer and less expensive
Protection of the compressor against lack of phase, incorrect rotation direction, high temperature, high pressure, transducers failure
Protection of main electric motor overload.

Featuring the sequencial working mode connection to up to 6 compressors, equiped with a graphical touch-screen LCD display, allows for remote-control and serial interface connecting to a terminal. Memory storage of alarms allowing a total and complete control of the compressor operativity.


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