Aero Kat Oil Free


The AERO KAT Oil free Series is a range of Oil Free Rotary Screw Compressors complying to Class 1 Classification (ISO 8573-1: meaning the maximum oil residue must not be over 0.01 mg per cubic meter of compressed air, including oil vapours).

The AERO KAT Oil Free range supplies oil free compressed air with oil residue to <0.003 mg per cubic meter of compressed air.

The compressor is designed to operate where oil is not permitted: Medical, Beverage production, Food, Biotechnologies, Pharmaceuticals, Electronics and Painting industries

Catalytic Convertor

The German made Catalytic Convertor, allows through a simple chemical reaction a catalytic conversion of all the hydrocarbons (oil) contained in the compressed air into water vapour (H20) and carbon dioxide (CO2).

The catalytic conversion is proven technology, guaranteed and operated over many years of field applications. The catalytic convertor is intergrated into the high efficiency, lubricated direct driven rotary screw compressors, to give end users a range of very compact, totally reliable, and extremely competitive priced oil free compressors, with no equals in the market thus far, both in terms of technology application and of economy.


Important Advantages to Choose an AERO KAT Oil Free Compressor

  • Guaranteed deoiled compressed air with oil residue <0.003 mg/
  • Absolute process reliability controlled by the temperatures
  • Extremely reduced running costs
  • Higher efficiency of the compression process
  • Deoiled condensate
  • Reduced and easy maintenance interventions, lower running costs
  • Operation independent from environment temperature, of inlet temperature, of the oil concentration and relative humidity
  • Partial load without restrictions
  • Granulate duration approximately 25,000 working hours
  • No air pre-filtration necessary
  • Compact design
  • Lower initial investment
  • Suitability for applications (Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverages, Chemical, and Medical)

Air and Condensate Quality Measuring

The compressed air coming from the air/oil separator goes in contact with the porous granulate inside the converter, and after a series of different stages of:

  • processing of the oil inside the porous granulate
  • adsorbtion
  • surface reaction
  • de-adsorption of the resulting products (H20 and CO2)

The lubricant molecules are totally divided and treated until completely reduced into water vapour.

The resulting oil free compressed air can be utilized without restrictions in all applications requiring oil-free Class 1 air, and the resulting oil free condensate can be discharged directly into the sewage system without any additional treating

Air End

  • German built isometric air end
  • Quality components
  • Prolonged operating life
  • High output

High Efficiency Motor

  • High efficiency asynchronous
  • Motor IP 55, Class F
  • Low service factor on the main
  • Drive motor

EPS 4.3 Controller

  • Operator friendly controller
  • Simple display
  • Canbus control for up to 6 units
  • Auto start and remote functions
  • Fault diagnostic panel
  • Programmable maintenance

High Efficiency Drive System

The air end is directly driven by the electric motor by means of a flexible coupling and a couple of helical gears. Transmission power efficiency up to 99,9% IP 65 protection factor box.


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