Compressed Air Receiver


Compressed Air Receiver.

Anest Iwata offers a popular range of vertical air receivers that are specifically designed for the use in industrial compressed air systems. These premium quality pressure vessels are exclusively made in our affiliated factory that is ISO 9001 compliant.

Save time and money when purchasing a vertical air receiver by selecting from our extensive stock of competitively priced pressure vessels that are available for immediate delivery to anywhere in Australia.

Unique Features

  • Design safety verified in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1210.
  • Manufacture's Data Report provided in accordance with Australian Standard AS 4458
  • OH&S Registered Desin approved for workplace use in all Australian States and Territories.
  • Industry preferred socket sizes and placement. Reinforced vessel support attachments.
  • External surfaces are abrasive blast clean, primed and finished in two-pack polyurethane paint.
  • Dulux® Process Blue external colour indicates compressed air content in accordance with Australian Standards AS 1345.
  • Individually packed in a horizontal position inside a full timber crate with plastic bag cover.
  • Design optimized for ease of handling, transport, storage and installation.




Part No. Volume [litres] Design Pressure [psi] Diameter [mm] Weight [kg] Height [mm]
AIR155L.VERT 150 180 390 80 1700
AIR330L.VERT 330 177 490 152 2210
AIR530L.VERT 530 176 640 233 2140
AIR820L.VERT 820 178 780 390 2215
AIR1240L.VERT 1240 160 975 552 2213