Oil Free Scroll Compressors


Anest Iwata’s oil free scroll delivers premium quality 100 % oil free compressed air for application requiring the purist air. Commonly used in medical breathing, laboratories, nitrogen generation, food and beverage.

Key features

1. Environmentally friendly.

The SLP series uses no oil for lubrication therefore there is no discharge or need for oil disposal.

2. Extreme low noise & vibration.

Noise level is as low as 58 dB(A) (similar to a ordinary conversation).

3. Backup function.

When one air end stops for some reason the others back up to prevent a no air situation. (Multi scroll packages only)

4. Energy efficient

The scroll produces the necessary amount of air with minimum energy usage.

5. Low maintenance.

With long service intervals and minimal moving parts reliability and low cost maintenance are ensured.

6. Large range 3 – 127 CFM



Part No. Description
See attached Product Guide See attached Product Guide