Oil Free Claw Compressor 22 - 37 kw


Absolute Air - an ultimate oil-free compressor that provides high efficiency, durability and clean air

惻These models feature an oil-free, uniquely shaped claw compressor main unit that provides clean air, with an oil mist catcher as a standard component.


More efficient, environment friendly and easy to use. The Absolute Air compressor provides clean air while meeting all the needs that an oil-free compressor is required to satisfy. The compressor has uniquely shaped claws in the main unit to achieve the highest level of efficiency in this range. What's more, the air-cooled two-stage compression mechanism and the latest control method offer improved durability and energy-saving performance.
These remarkable features make Absolute Air an ultimate oil-free compressor.

Cutting technologies provide high efficiency, durability and clean air.

  • Suction filter
  • Inter cooler
  • Oil cooler
  • After cooler
  • Compressor air end
  • Solenoid drain valve (inter cooler)
  • Oil mist catcher
  • Emergency stop switch
  • Operation panel

The further evolved compressor has claws in its main unit.

The uniquely shaped claw compressor consists of two rotors, one male and one female. Since they do not come into contact with each other as they rotate, the rotors do not wear easily and have a long life. The inner surface of the casing and the surface of the female rotor have special coating for greater air tightness. On each rotor, the inlet and outlet are located on symmetric faces. This prevents load from being applied in the axial direction, thus prolonging the life of the bearing. The rotors with accurate design are made of stainless copper and highly resistant to corrosion. Since they are located symmetrically relative to the axis, they are free from vibration.

Fully air-cooled, two-stage compressor

The claws are of a fully air-cooled type and do not require cooling fluid (oil, water or coolant). With no extra auxiliary devices needed, they are easy to maintain. The two-stage compression mechanism is used in which an inter cooler cools high-pressure compressed air to prevent unnecessary heat expansion in the first stage and the air is compressed efficiently in the second stage. Since the compression heat is low, the main unit suffers little damage from the heat, resulting in stable performance.

Touch panel as a standard component

An easy-to-operate LCD touch panel is provided. It features maintenance indication, fault indication, remote control and external output port. An automatic power fail recovery function is also available as a standard feature.


Part No. Type Motor [ kW ] Operation Control Control Pressure [ MPa ] CFM Air Delivery [ l/min ] Air Receiver Air Outlet B Dimensions [ mm ] Weight [ kg ] Noise Level B (front 1.5m) [ dB ] Voltage phase
FRV220 Oil Free Claw 22 Inverter 0.7 3700 1/2 inch 1760 x 1000 x 1656 1230 65 three
FRV370 Oil Free Claw 37 Inverter 0.7 5600 1/2 inch 1760 x 1000 x 1658 1340 68 three