There is a never ending doubt for any Auto Repair workshop about what type of air compressor is most suitable for their workplace.  Factors that should be considered for selecting the compressed air system are reliability, quality and longevity of the compressor in order to maximise the capital investment. The Broadbent Range of receiver mounted scroll compressors are the most efficient and reliable air compressors on the market today, having very few moving parts, they are easily maintained boasting higher energy saving makes the choice of compressor simple.

The oil free scroll compressors are 100% oil free and require no particle removal filters keeping service costs low combined with an operating life of up to 10,000 hours between service minuses running costs.

Water and oil can cost thousands of dollars in lost production and down time, affecting machinery and the end product.  A poor finish caused by oil or water can eventuate in reworking jobs. The refrigeration air dryer with a pressure dew point of +2°C  removes water and condensation from the air lines preventive contamination of water. 

Compared to a screw or reciprocating oil flooded air compressors, the Class O oil free scroll compressor produces clean air to the spray guns and hand tools used in workshops. The scroll compressor’s air end is treated with an anti rust coating so there is no additional requirement to treat waste condensate. 

The Broadbent receiver mounted scroll range from 2.2kw to 7.5kw made in Australia using a Japanese air end they are designed for Australia to operate in the most arduous of Australian conditions. The complete system offers a continuous reliable air supply and low service costs when compared to a standard oil injected screw or piston compressor. 

For more information on our range of compressed air solutions please contact our Head Office on 03 9768 2229. We have offices and distributors Nationwide.